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Advantages of Using an Instagram Business Account. It is not without reason when someone chooses to switch to using an Instagram Business account. Especially for online shops, or anyone who wants to build a business empire via Instagram, a business account provides many advantages. The most obvious, for example, is that business Instagram accounts look more professional in the eyes of visitors. Visitors easily judge that your account is a serious selling account.

So simple. Advantages of Using an Instagram Business Account. In detail, there are quite a lot of benefits that users get. To be sure, this Instagram business account is indeed designed for Instagram users who want to optimize their business on this social media platform. Whether it’s selling online directly, building brands, creating awareness, or for certain educational communities.

The following are some of the main advantages when you turn your personal Instagram account into a business:

More Professional

Using social media accounts for business needs will be more professional when you stand alone. This means that accounts are completely separate from personal accounts for post-management, contact information, and other needs. And of course, being an Instagram business is the right choice. Because the account looks professional and credible. People will be attracted to follow because your account is focused and can be trusted to help the audience with specific needs.

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Free access to Instagram Insights

If you want to use Instagram for business purposes, you shouldn’t miss this feature. Apart from Instagram’s built-in Insights, you can also analyze your business account in more detail through the Instagram analytics tool. That way, there are more and more interesting things that you can explore and develop from your account.

Post at the Best Follower Time

Yes, Instagram Insight has clearly given you lots of account upgrade recommendations. One of them is determining the best time to post according to the follower’s active hours. With the best timing of posting on Instagram, it means that your content will reach more potential audience. Finally, your best posts get the good response rates you expect.

Analyzing Follower Character

You will easily answer these questions when using a business Instagram account. You can get to know your buyer persona and with this, you can prepare a series of targeted strategies to grow your account.

Relevant Content Marketing Strategies

How can you create optimal content marketing if you don’t know who the content is intended for? You don’t even know what topics they like or what stylistic characters are relevant to your audience. Again, this is an interesting advantage of a business Instagram account. Because you know who your followers are and what content they like, you will be encouraged to create the type of content that is relevant to them. Your content will then generate higher engagement because of a more targeted content marketing strategy.

Targeted Promotion Strategy

Armed with relevant marketing content, understanding the demographics and characteristics of followers, the promotional strategy that you create is definitely more targeted. This can’t be contested, unless you purposely don’t optimize the Instagram Insights data earlier. Whether it’s an organic or paid promotion, such as an endorsement, the results will be more optimal because you adjust it to your audience’s interests.