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Business Promotion Tips Through Instagram. Social media is a medium that can be used to carry out a digital promotion. For those of you who have a business whose activities are to sell a product, Instagram is one of the social media that you can use to do business promotions. Below are some tips that you can follow to start doing business promotions via Instagram.

Provide Clear Information

Business Promotion Tips Through Instagram. Before promoting the product you want to sell, you must start creating an Instagram account. First, choose an account name that matches your business, or if you already have a brand name, make that name your Instagram user name.

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Apply Attractive Feeds

Instagram is of course inseparable from feeds, which are uploads arranged on your Instagram profile page. Sellers or business people who use Instagram as a promotional tool will certainly pay attention to the feeds that will be installed. The thing that needs to be considered in making attractive feeds is consistency. Color, photo, pattern and upload time must be done consistently.

Create Photo & Video Content

Instagram is one of the social media for sharing images and videos. Where visual power is considered to have attractiveness and effectiveness in promotion on Instagram. So, try starting to take product photos or making videos that can tell about your product or business. Then tell your product through the caption. For example, you sell fashion products, you should not only explain the price, materials used, and size.

Add Hashtag

If you don’t have enough followers yet, you can take advantage of the trending hashtags on Instagram. By using trending hashtags in every post, you can make the product or business you sell more popular and the visibility of the content will increase. Through hashtags, customers and potential customers can easily find your product through the search feature on Instagram.

Regularly Posting Content

By posting content regularly, you are keeping your followers well. Try to share photos or videos every day. That way, the followers you already have, will never leave your business, and new followers will also start following your business’s Instagram.

Make Instagram Business

Usually Instagram business will display contacts in the form of phone numbers, store addresses, and also emails that other Instagram users can click directly. That way, customers can more easily contact you.

Promote Through Facebook

To get more Instagram followers, you can take advantage of other social media that you have to promote your Instagram business account. Add the Instagram link to the information on the Facebook Fanpage or on the Twitter bio. That way, your followers on Facebook and Twitter can easily find your Instagram account.