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6 Business Ideas Without Capital Through Instagram. Here are some business suggestions without capital that can be done via Instagram.

Become a drop shipper

6 Business Ideas Without Capital Through Instagram. For those who like to sell products but want to try a business without capital, you can try becoming a drop shipper, aka a reseller. You can register as a drop shipper first to certain suppliers. You can also use marketplace sites like Tokopedia or Shopee. When ordering on the marketplace site, you can select the send column as a drop shipper at check-out. Meanwhile, you can use photos from suppliers to fill in your Instagram content. Most importantly, choose photos that are good and easy on the eyes of potential customers. You don’t need to have a product and don’t even have to take a picture of the product.

Make an account to be endorsed or paid-promote

You can create an account on Instagram that will later be used to endorse or promote the online shop. What kind of account can you create? Some of them are public accounts or fan-base accounts.
Apart from that, you can also manage a fan-base account. Usually, this account is quite busy being followed by Instagram users. Later, after the account has many followers, you can offer or accept endorsements or promoted from the online shop or the brand.

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So celebgram

The difference between a celebgram and a public account is that by being a celebrity, you dare to make yourself appear. Of course, you must have a selling point. For example, you are attractive enough to be photographed or have a good sense of humor. Or, you even have both of these things. Then, publish your photos or videos on Instagram. Usually, if you already have a lot of followers, you will often be asked to promote certain products for a fee equal to the number of followers. The more followers the more expensive you get paid. But before that, you can first determine what you want to be known as on Instagram.

“Livestock” Instagram account and then sold

Unlike the public or fan-base accounts that are managed to receive paid-promoted, the “livestock” of Instagram accounts is used for sale.
This method is powerful enough to make money because there are quite a lot of requests. There are quite a few brands or certain online shops that need Instagram accounts with many followers but they don’t want to start from scratch. There are Instagram users who create up-and-coming artist haters accounts to reach a large number of followers. However, you shouldn’t imitate this method. Alternatively, you can create a public account that contains information, tips, or a collection of humor from various sources. So, later on, you can sell these accounts to those who need them, either through social media or via forums.

Selling services via Instagram

Now it’s not just through Facebook, your website, or forums to sell the services you want to offer. If you have certain skills, you can sell them via Instagram. For example, if you have musical skills, you can be diligent in uploading your content while doing music. Then, you can offer privately with you to learn this musical instrument.

Service business entrusted via Instagram

The next business without capital that you can try is an entrusted service business. If you are diligent in window shopping to various malls or other shopping places, why not try posting photos of products that you find interesting? You can also offer to open entrusted services to Instagram friends if you want to go somewhere. Well, Instagram can be a place to post photos of the products you see. Not only getting money, but you can also be satisfied with your shopping desire. It’s getting more fun. Interested in trying this business without capital via Instagram? Try it first to find out if this business is suitable or not for you. There’s nothing wrong with trying something new, right?