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Using Stickers in Business on Instagram. Promoting business online can now be much more effective using Instagram Business. As one of the most popular marketing platforms, Instagram Business offers a variety of special features not found on personal accounts. With Instagram Business, you can easily do branding and reach a wide audience. Even if you have a website, Instagram Business can be a supporting platform to increase traffic and leads. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it cannot be denied that many business sectors, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), are having difficulty surviving.

Understanding this condition, Instagram launched various features including the “Support Small Business” sticker feature. This feature is a feature to promote businesses and small businesses through story Instagram. These stickers are an easy way for Instagram users to support their favorite businesses and businesses on Instagram. In expressing their support, Instagram users can mention the names of certain business and business Instagram accounts via stickers so that their followers can see the business and business accounts. This is of course very profitable because you will get free promotions from users who are satisfied with your service. Your Instagram business account will get extra visits and get the opportunity to sell more products.
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Small Business Support Stickers

Small Business Support Stickers can help businesses reach new customers and keep in touch with their customers. Businesses named in stickers can repost the Stories to their own Stories, or send messages to users who tag them. Businesses can also use these stickers to promote other business people in their community. A collection of stories with a “Support Small Business” sticker used by other accounts you follow will be collected and highlighted into a combined story and last for 24 hours. That way you can see various other SMEs being promoted through these stickers. This feature has been officially launched worldwide, including in Indonesia. This feature can also be used on various devices such as iPhone, Android, and websites. To use this feature is very easy. How to use the small business support sticker feature.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app, tap Your Story to create a Story
Step 2: Take photos or record videos as you want. However, make sure that photo or video content is content that displays the products you offer.
Step 3: Select the “Stickers” tab and press the Support Small Business sticker icon
Step 4: Type in the business account you want to promote. Add a GIF or text to make your story more interesting.

Using these stickers

By using these stickers, you have promoted your business and small business accounts. Don’t forget you can also support other businesses and small businesses by using the same steps and asking them to support your business and small business accounts. Hopefully, this is useful (ADR).

How to Create an Instagram Business Account

How to make a business Instagram is actually the same as creating a personal account. All you have to do is change the existing account into a business account through the settings on the Settings page.

  1. log in to a registered Instagram account
  2. Open the Settings page
  3. Determine the Business Category
  4. Fill in contact data and business location
  5. Linking to Facebook Page (optional)
  6. Complete the profile data