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Business Marketing Guide on Instagram. Instagram is social media and marketing is an activity to market goods or services. So, Instagram Marketing is the marketing of goods or services using Instagram social media accounts. In simple terms, it can be interpreted that way.
So it can be concluded that Instagram marketing is the process of marketing products, goods, or services using Instagram social media. Because social media users are dominated by Instagram users. Especially in Indonesia. The number of Instagram users is certainly a market opportunity. So that marketing products through Instagram is still very likely.

Business Marketing Guide on Instagram. The first way of working, you must use an Instagram Business account. The official guide can be read on the official Instagram page:

So that the marketing process becomes easier and more focused. As a result, you don’t need to waste time marketing products using Instagram.
What are the advantages of a business Instagram account?

Here are 7 advantages of a business Instagram account when compared to a regular account:

  • There are graph statistics of visitors
  • Have a wide audience reach
  • Has a contact and address feature
  • Has a feature showing business categories
  • Can analyze the time of busy posting
  • Can analyze the target market

Make it easy to sync with Instagram Ads
These advantages do not exist in regular Instagram accounts. So using a business Instagram account is highly recommended for marketing activities.

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What is Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads is one of the pentagram features, where Instagram users can advertise their accounts to a wider audience reach. In short, Instagram Ads is a paid advertising feature provided by Instagram. Its function is to get more viewers, r get potential followers. In Instagram marketing, the use of Instagram Ads is highly recommended for initial promotions. This is because the initial promotion was a breakthrough to introduce the products we market. And using Instagram Ads is a big step in marketing. So that the Instagram Business account is more optimal, then you must know how to optimize your Instagram account. By optimizing your Instagram account, product marketing activities will be better and more interesting. So that the products offered be to come to a lot of interest. As a result, it will increase sales.

How to optimize Instagram marketing

The following are ways to optimize the Instagram account used for promotion:
– Using a Unique Username
– Creating Interesting Content
– Post regularly
– Make use of popular hashtags
– Using the Instagram Tool

Using a unique username

First, use a unique username. It means using a username that is easy for the customer to remember. Username must also represent associations with the brand.
A username that is easy to remember, has its own advantages. Customer, so you can easily find the products that you market.
And try to avoid using complicated names, or using numbers and symbols.

Create interesting content

Interesting content will be an advantage in itself. Prospective customers will certainly be more interested in interesting and neat content. This is a selling point in itself. Careless content will be considered ugly and less professional. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use interesting content. Starting from an interesting picture, or an interesting video. If you have the budget for promotion, then set aside to create interesting content for the experts. Can use the services of a graphic designer, or a video creator. Interesting content is an investment to attract customer interest.

Post regularly

Pay attention to potential times for posting content. This potential time is the time when your followers are opening Instagram.