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It assures the elderly that America will at all times keep the promises made in troubled occasions a half a century ago. It assures those who are still working that they, too, have a pact with the longer term.

Now, those adjustments are made on July 1st each year, a hangover from the days when the fiscal 12 months began in July. We proposed a one-time delay in making that adjustment, postponing it for 3 months until October 1st.

As I wrote to you on the time you agreed to serve, I can think of no extra important home drawback requiring decision than restoring the integrity of Social Security and to do so without penalty to those depending on the applications. I am decided that we put social security again on a sound monetary footing and restore the boldness and peace of mind of the American public in its social security system. That is the reason for the National Commission which I proposed in September and the members of which Majority Leader Baker, Speaker O’Neill, and I have simply chosen. The only change we proposed for those already receiving social security needed to do with the annual value-of-residing adjustment.

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What You Need To Know About Threatening Social Security Scam Calls

From this day ahead, they’ve our pledge that they will get their fair share of benefits when they retire. This morning, I actually have strongly urged the leadership of the Senate to take whatever steps could also be needed to free the economic security invoice from this blatant try at legislative hostage taking. As I mentioned final week, it might be far better if the bankers spent much less time lobbying and extra time decreasing interest rates.

three Of All Initial Disability Applications Get Denied!

Speaker of the House O’Neill, Majority Leader Baker, and I actually have right now received from the fee on social security a “Recommended Bi-Partisan Solution to the Social Security Problem” (summary attached). As you convene for the primary time at present, the Nation will be watching with nice curiosity the work and progress of the National Commission on Social Security Reform.